lunedì 8 ottobre 2012

A concave hillside as an "open parliament".

Pnyx: The venue of the Ancient Athenian Democratic Assembly
Might be usefully to import into modern democracies the idea of a concave hillside as an "open parliament". Not a palace full of intrigues but down to the earth (inclement weather? it is life). It gives the idea of a direct democracy. Now the Parliaments are too distant from the people and very often for example all around the world they vote exorbitant military spendings that people would not want. What I want to say is that possibly in Athens we would not have had a movement as "Occupy the Pynx" as it was already occupied by the people.
Another interesting aspect. The allocation of office was by blind chance through a lottery. It has reminded me the election of Doge in Venice, who was elected by a complex elective machinery to minimize as far as possible the influence of individual great families. Thirty members of the Great Council, chosen by lot, were reduced by lot to nine; the nine chose forty and the forty were reduced by lot to twelve, who chose twenty-five. The twenty-five were reduced by lot to nine and the nine elected forty-five. Then the forty-five were once more reduced by lot to eleven, and the eleven finally chose the forty-one who actually elected the doge. None could be elected but by at least twenty-five votes out of forty-one, nine votes out of eleven or twelve, or seven votes out of nine electors. Crazy, but against "Mafia"!

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