mercoledì 23 marzo 2016

I vegetariani vivono 7 o 8 anni in più!

Se qualcuno sparlando ti dice che essere vegetariani significa essere deboli, chiedigli se il bufalo o il toro, gli animali più forti al mondo, sono erbivori o carnivori.

martedì 22 marzo 2016

The denial of human rights in American prisons after Iraq's invasion, provided a unique setting for radicalization and creation of the Islamic State.

Guantanamo Bay detention camp
After the disgraceful invasion of Iraq, American prisons provided a unique setting for both prisoner radicalization and inmate collaboration — and was formative in the development of today’s most potent jihadist force. In all, nine members of the Islamic State’s top command did time in one of them, at Bucca. These prisons became virtual terrorist universities: the hardened radicals were the professors, the other detainees were the students, and the prison authorities played the role of absent custodian. So, from the ashes of what former inmates called an “al-Qaeda school” rose the Islamic State. 

Do you know that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was detained by the Americans before to become the leader of the so called Islamic State? The denial of human rights doesn't pay. 

giovedì 17 marzo 2016

Only infinite IGNORANCE can force the mayor of Venice to remove the protected area in the lagoon.

Oh my God, we have got a Trump in the lagoonOn the news right now, the mayor of Venice entrepreneur Luigi Brugnaro has removed the protected area in the lagoon. I dedicated one year of my life trying to promote the idea the only a protected area can really avoid that lobbies destroy this unique ecosystem (the previous Mayor of Venice was arrested in corruption investigation over city's flood barriers)Cruises through the Venetian lagoon!! Oil tankers, freighters and powerful speedboats, that can carry hundreds of tourists, create waves that destroy the sandbars and mudflats, and wipe out the natural movements that once slowed down the advancement of the tides. All these disruptions increase the erosion that is ruining the depths of the lagoon and eating away at the foundations of buildings.
The mayor of Venice replied to my tweet as a lad sending his first text full of emoticons:
Elthon John was right writing about the Mayor of Venice "Beautiful Venice is indeed sinking, but not as fast as the boorishly bigoted Brugnaro". Oh my God, we have got a Trump in the lagoon.