martedì 30 gennaio 2018

Defend Afrin


giovedì 18 gennaio 2018

I am Brexiting from the English weather (God = Sun?)

I am Brexiting from the English weather, taking a winter break in Tenerife.

This is the reason why I love Spain: "Good morning, Mr. ALBERTO SCHIARETTI, perfect until soon. Please, follow the intrusions that you sent us to your reservation, thanks." They make you feel at ease! Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom.

domenica 14 gennaio 2018

Mango. Here 'Italy' singing up to the death on the stage.

Mango passed away on 8 December 2014 after suffering a heart attack during a concert in Policoro, province of Matera. While performing the song "Oro", he raised an arm and said "excuse me" to the crowd before collapsing. He was 60.

On 9 December, his older brother Giovanni felt sick during the wake and died at the hospital, aged 75. He is believed to have also died from a heart attack.