sabato 24 giugno 2017

Ne Fazio a meno.

Mungono mamma Rai. 

mercoledì 14 giugno 2017

Grenfall Tower: Is it only Titanic incompetence or the criminal evidence that the lives of the poor are always wrapped with plastic ??

lunedì 12 giugno 2017

Sorry 'Ryanair' & 'EasyJet' but now people cheat with red 'Jet2'.

Here it is why I see a golden future for the British low-cost airline 'Jet2'. For all these reasons, I have decided to invest on this company (Dart Group PLC). Well, follow me:

1) Jet2 has started its operations even from London Stansted Airport (the airline's first base in southern England) in March 2017. They have arrived to the big market, London. I am not the only one who has cheated the old Yellow and Blue (Ryanair) with this exciting new Red (Jet2). People sooner or later will try it and they will realize that Jet2 do have more legroom and less annoying and noisy advertising on board (Ryanair's attendants never stopped hawking sandwiches, drinks, lottery tickets or perfume the entire flight);

2) Jet2 has a more friendly brand associated with holidays and warm destinations (red Spain). Many people leave good feedback, particularly referring to their outstanding service, talking about their exciting 'first time with Jet2'. Thanks to the reviews on TripAdvior, Jet2 claims to be the Best UK Airline. Being the last to compete with Ryanair and EasyJet, the fresh Jet2 seems more confident in avoiding all those behaviors that annoy passengers;

3) Jet2 became the latest low-cost airline to launch links to New York, stealing a march on Ryanair, which has flirted with the idea of transatlantic flights for the best part of a decade, without ever getting anywhere (source 'The cheapest way to get to New York' The Telegraph);

4) Due to the recent disaster of British Airway during half-term school holidays, customers tend to change their habits and they are more prepared to give a try to an innocent brand.