sabato 30 aprile 2016

Why Sicily.

'Tonnara di Scopello', Sicily, Italy.
There could be hundreds of reasons to chose Sicily as your holiday destination. Before going there in the next days, let me share the main reasons. Sicily is a washing machine of sea, sun and lot of culture (arts, music, literature, cuisine, and architecture and so on). You will be feeling clean and renewed after. Sicily has been shaped by waves of conquest and settlement by different peoples over 4,000 years. Since the 8th century BC, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Normans all settled or invaded the island, lured by its fertile lands and strategic location. Over time, this series of conquests forged a cultural identity unlike any other. Discover an island with a cosmopolitan history and identity – a place where the unique mix of peoples gave rise to an extraordinary cultural flowering. The art and objects they produced are some of the most beautiful and important in the history of the Mediterranean.

'Teatro Antico di Taormina' with vulcano Etna smoking in the background.

domenica 10 aprile 2016

SAVE THE LAGOON OF VENICE. Sign this petition to restore the protected area!


Please DO NOT ABOLISH the "Park of the Venetian Lagoon". DO NOT REMOVE the protection of more than 16 thousand hectares of this fragile ecosystem.

Why is this important? 

Oh my God, we have got a Trump in the Venetian lagoon. On the Italian news right now, the mayor of Venice entrepreneur Luigi Brugnaro has removed the protected area in the lagoon! This is in addition to the fact, as you probably already know, that cruises are still going through the Venetian lagoon. Only a protected area can really avoid that lobbies destroy this unique ecosystem. Oil tankers, freighters and powerful speed boats carrying hundreds of tourists, create waves that destroy the sandbars and mudflats wiping out the natural movements that once slowed down the advancement of the tides. THEY ACT AS HOT IRONS ON A VERY DELICATE FABRIC, flattening the lagoon bed. 

All these disturbances increase the erosion that is ruining the depths of the lagoon and eating away at the foundations of buildings. Not to mention the disappearance of the sand banks that acted as sponges since centuries, limiting the rise of the water level. Lobbies do not like Nature conservation laws. For this reason, they have just removed the protected area.