giovedì 7 febbraio 2008

I send an S.O.S to the world: the venetian lagoon is dying day by day

07/02/2008. This is a message in a bottle. I really send an S.O.S to the world.
Really, the venetian lagoon is dying, due to the fact that venetian politicians are buring the truth under contamined sand. Just watch at this video, and try to answer my question "What is the colour of the venetian lagoon? Brown or blue?"
A bathroom in a church. This is God in Venice?
Mazzorbo (VE), an island in the venetian lagoon.
There is no time, there are no words. Plaese tell the truth. Death and disability of many workers from various forms of cancer in Porto Marghera near Venice. This is the truth. Pretend truth.
Look at this photo gallery. You need an investigation on the trace element distribution in sediments, marine water and mussels in the Venetian Lagoon to know the truth? Just only a photo. The levels of heavy metals in water and sediments are sufficiently high to cause adverse biological effects.
This is water of the venetian lagoon. Why?
People of Venice swam in Venetian Lagoon till about 1950. Why I cant't? Tell me why.
The so called "Barena" near Passo - Campalto (VE). Contaminated Site. Behind, the skyline of Venice. Is it normal to see that in venetian lagoon in 2008 year? Is it the progress of civilization? This is also the venetian lagoon , thanks to the venetians politicians.
St. Mark's Square, isn't all Venice. The real Venice is a lagoonside town. Lagoon is dying. Remember.
This is what you are losing; what is dying.
Why is dying? Look at the next Video. You are going to understand why venetian politicians are killing the nature. What can you see entering into the lagoon? Little fishing boat? Nooooo.....Cruises trough the venetian lagoon!!
Madness in the Venetian Lagoon
Oil tankers, freighters and powerful speedboats that can carry hundreds of tourists create waves that destroy the sandbars and mud-flats, and cancel out the natural movements that once slowed down the advancement of the tides. All these disruptions increase the erosion that is ruining the depths of the lagoon and eating away at the foundations of buildings.

The so called "barene" are literally been consumed by waves due to the passage of speed boat.
Please. Help me, to send this S.O.S to the world. Thank you. Sciretti Alberto.

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