mercoledì 15 gennaio 2014

Thanks to Bucentaur Venice could recover its former glory and its old spirit.

In four years, Bucentaur could be rebuilt and show the same look it had before Napoleon burnt it in Bacino San Marco. After a century, France gives Italy 600 trunks from a forest of Aquitaine to repair the offense. The news was announced a few days ago, but today it became known as the entrepreneur who will fund the first part of the project. His name is Alberto Peruzzo, 49 years old and describes himself as "a man of passion and sometimes even action". It is the news that puts in motion the reconstruction of the gorgeous, last, golden boat on which the Doge used to celebrate the marriage with the sea every year during the Ascension Day.
In a Venice "intoxicated" by mass tourism and increasingly distorted by its urban and commercial changes (13 cruise ships with 40,000 tourists travel through fragile Venice in one day), it would be a good sign, finally concrete, reconnecting directly to the tradition of its ancient crafts and its seafaring tradition. 
The way to go is still long, but if the French believe that is possible, it's time for the Venetians to believe it and act as a consequence. 

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