venerdì 27 luglio 2018

In memory of Ms Paula Kessler

Paula Kessler, her smile (image by Jack’s Appeal).  
There are people, call them giants, who are magically capable to inspire us and lift our spirit only with their light presence and genuine smile. Ms Paula Kessler was that sort of colorful butterfly representing all the best of this life. 

I have decided to write few lines about Paula simply because perhaps one day her 'boys' will search for her and once again they will find a sign of her presence and Love. The same Love that she used to deliver where she worked in the University of Cambridge. How proud they have to be of their amazing mum for all their life. And she was proud of them too.

A lady not only into good English manners but even a hard worker passionate about life; when I asked her if her vacuum cleaner 'Dyson v6' was really making the difference when it comes to cleaning, I (Made in Italy!) simply ended the conversation purchasing two, one for me and one that was sent to my mum in Italy. She knew she was right and she enchanted me. 
Yesterday, when I was hit by the sudden and tragic news, I searched about her and found out something we hadn't shared during our quick chats in the early mornings: we had attended the same parkruns in Cambridge. With 150 parkruns she was a magnificent runner with the difference that, while I tend to run more to burn calories and boost my Ego, Paula even supported Charities following the English way. 

I found a quote that in my opinion truly represents Paula's life and her moral values. "Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love" (Mother Teresa). Thank you Paula.

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