lunedì 11 dicembre 2017

The Lords of the Night have their masterpiece

The Lords of the Night during their nocturnal investigative activity.
(Gianfranco Munerotto, Signori di Notte, Venice, 2017)
Few days ago, I wrote about how proud I am of my Scudo d'Oro, a Venetian gold coin, outstanding at the World Coins Signature Auction in New York on Jan 7-8 2018.

There is more and this is breaking news from me! I secretly commissioned a work, an oil on canvas, which represents that mysterious magistracy of the Lords of the Night (c. 1270 - 1797), who finally have their masterpiece to represent them. These officials had to monitor what  happened throughout the city during the night. An amazing idea, that recently has been taken by Amsterdam, that appointed the first of the of night mayors

I had this painting in my mind for a very long time, but I could't see the way to implement it until I met the most important specialist in the traditional Venetian maritime, Gianfranco Munerotto

The story of the painting is more or less the following, but please add your imagination. Long time ago, when the street lamps, scattered everywhere, did not exist yet, Venice fell into darkness straight after the sunset. A galley, type of ship that was propelled mainly by rowing, is sitting in a remote area of the Venetian lagoon. The bridge reminds the Devil's Bridge on the Island of Torcello. The Codega (someone who opened the way with a lantern) is leading the two Lords of the Night to the main scene. Something is wrong. Venice is watching in the background. There is suspense in the air. Is the Venetian destiny in danger? The Lords will investigate.

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