domenica 10 novembre 2013

Goodbye virtual morbidity, goodbye Facebook.

Do you really want to delete your Facebook account? Yes, sure.
Few days ago I decided to say goodbye to Facebook. I didn't scream and shout. I wasn't sad. I was happy. I felt as I was doing the right thing at the right time. Not the past, I choose the future. Now, I feel free. To be frank, I had never liked this virtual social network that has become every day more and more a commercial product that smells commercial everywhere. People look at your life as they are looking at your house through the window of your dining room. The pathological disease to show every moment of your life. Boring. Facebook promotes morbidity. Another American commercial product that spies on our lives. Today I am not surprised to read on the Guardian an article called 'Teenagers say goodbye to Facebook'. Simply, Facebook is seeing a decrease in daily users - especially teenagers. Teens are very often the pioneers of our future. They point the rest of us towards something else. So, let's choose something else and stop stalking people you barely know on Facebook. Stop a virtual life and start a real one. Stop Facebook. 

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