sabato 24 agosto 2013

How Fiat 500 matches the English style.

I took this picture in UK, an example of how Fiat 500 matches the English style.
Every day, I can see more and more Fiat 500 all around UK. A little Italy parked in your driveway that is able to match perfectly the English style. 

New Fiat 500 rages in the United Kingdom and the United States, where it is one of the most popular "city car". In the streets of the British capital is now as popular as the new Mini. But the charm of this legendary little car, re-invented by Fiat without abandoning the traditional system, it also extends to the "old 500", the so called "Il Cinquino", as it was called in Italy during the tumultuous years of the economic boom to the point that in England, auctions of vintage cars and offerings of retailers specialized reach astronomical figures, usually typical of a completely different cars. A confirmation of the trend, the Classic Driver UK site offers a sample of the Fiat 500 of 1959, restored by Graeme Hunt of London, a specialist in auto repair antiques, at a price in pounds equivalent to more than 40 thousand euro .
Who has an old " Cinquino " abandoned in a garage must realize that, beyond the affection, the little car may be more like a treasure. At least in London, a city that knows how to appreciate the tradition at least as much appreciates innovation.