mercoledì 28 marzo 2012

Kuki Gallmann asks for help: seven elephant killed just in the first couple of months of 2012

Kuki Gallmann and her dauther Sveva protectors of nature.
Kuki Gallmann, famous author for his tales of Africa, is battling amongst flames and the most torrid ceaseless wind.That's not all. The property, OI ari Nyro in Kenya, to which she devoted his life, for whom life has lost the people dearest to her, is besieged by poachers. The poachers have targeted elephants in the reserve and they burn vegetation to drive out the elephants and then slaughter them with blows of Kalashnikovs. She is trying to protect the foundation created in the memory of her husband Paolo and son Emanuele, which Kuki buried in the same land protected when they are dead, both in the early eighties. The symbol of the foundation consists of two acacia trees. One smaller, one bigger. Months after the death of her husband, gave birth to a daughter, Sveva. With her now trying to save the reserve.
The tragedy is the resurgence of poaching with escalation beyond our control and seven elephant killed just in the first couple of months of 2012.
Kuki decided to launch his appeal beyond the borders of the country that lives. She says "We lost now almost half conservancy. Concentrating on saving lodges and forest. Fires were set at regularly intervals. Suspect is a group of three notorious poachers who had shot one of our rangers in the past too. We have managed to get before them tusks of seven out of the last 8 elephants they killed.She and her team are tired. They sleep outside, eat outside, take turns. The dry wind carries the fire of this period and the sky is red. "Pray for rain" asks Kuki, pray for rain. Alone can not do it. "We are tired, we're all too tired."

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