lunedì 26 dicembre 2011

The War on Cancer. Fight together.

Tom Whiteley’s last school photograph.

Tom Whiteley’s last school photograph tells a thousand words. Wearing a striped blazer and the most beautiful smile, it shows a carefree little boy; with a shock of blonde hair and a golden suntan, he looks handsome, happy, out-going. Not long after that photo was taken, Tom returned from a school trip complaining of a headache. Within 10 days he’d been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Seven months later, aged 9, he died. To see his smiling face in that school picture, it seems impossible that Tom grew so ill so fast – and totally unreal that he’s died.
A passionate animal lover, he had always wanted to go on safari – so Debbie and Andrew decided to take the whole family on a luxury trip to South Africa. Getting flights and insurance for such a sick child was far from easy but, just six days after learning Tom was terminal, they flew off on the holiday of a lifetime.
“It was an amazing 10 days. There were moments when we actually forgot he was dying, then we cried ourselves to sleep at night. The girls didn’t know it was the last holiday we’d have as a family – even now, saying that doesn’t seem real – and we did so many wonderful things. Tom even got to ride on an elephant. Source:

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