mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

Floris and Steven: great friends in JUMPSTYLE to "The End"

Here it is the story of two great belgian friends, Floris and Steven; they have practised and practised JUMPSTYLE all day for years. The next  video, called "The End" (31/12/2010), is the last, because now they say: "Because back in the days we did hardstyle everyday, and now it's getting bored, I don't Know why, but we don't do it anymore and because we hot other interests." But it seems that their friendship will still give other great emotions and surprises. In my opinion Floris ft. Steven are the best jumpstylers that I know in the world, also for the artistic expression of their video. You all around the world, try to do better. Here it is their official website You can find other beautiful video at this link
The End?

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